Delicious Nawabi Biryani

Majority of us are in love with rice cooked in different forms, either it is lunch or dinner, rice make the dinning table complete. Biryani is cooked in different methods and techniques which suit the taste of almost all age group. Today i thought to do share with you a delicious nawabi biryani recipe so that you may enjoy a new biryani type at home this Eid. so here we go;

Delicious Nawabi Biryani Ingredients

  • Rice … 750 gm
  • Mutton … 1 kg
  • Onion … 5
  • Ginger / Garlic Paste … 1 tbsp
  • All Spice Powder … 2 tbsp
  • Cooking Oil … 1 Cup
  • Salt … As Required
  • Milk … ½ Cup
  • Fresh Coriander / Mint Leaves … One Bunch Each
  • Dry Apricot … 10
  • Whole Red Chilies … 6
  • Cinnamon … 2 Sticks
  • Curd … 1 Cup
  • Cardamom … 6
  • Whole Black Pepper … 10
  • Cloves … 10
  • Cumin Seeds … 1 Tbsp
  • Turmeric Powder … 1 Tbsp
  • Cashew … 1 Tbsp
  • Raisins … 1 Tbsp

Delicious Nawabi Biryani Cooking Steps

Step 1:

Heat 5 tbsp cooking oil in a frying pan and fry dry fruits into it until a slight color change.

Step 2:

Dish th e dry fruits out and golden fry onions into the same cooking oil.


Grind fried onions along with whole red chilies.

Step 4:

Marinate mutton for one and half hour with ginger/garlic paste, onion and red chili mixture, turmeric powder, salt and curd.

Step 5:

Heat 2 tbsp cooking oil and cook mutton into it until its water dries.

Step 6:

Now heat 2 tbsp cooking oil in a separate pot and fry into it cardamom, cumin seeds, whole black pepper and cinnamon sticks.

Step 7:

Add rice and let them cook for five minutes; then add hot water into the rice, the water must be thoroughly covering the rice level.

Step 8:

Add salt into the rice and cook until rice are done.

Step 9:

Dish the rice out and separate all spices.

Step 10:

Take a heavy bottom pot and make a ghee layer into it, add mutton and grounded spices make another layer with boiled rice and a little amount of ghee.

Step 11:

Sprinkle dry fruits over rice and seal the lid of the pot with the help of flour paste from all sides.

Step 12:

Heat iron griddle and place the rice pot over it and let the rice be cooked for about twenty to twenty five minutes on low flame.

Step 13:

Garnish the rice with mint leaves after mixing and serve nawabi biryani for you Eid day lunch.

Nawabi Birayani Recipe in Urdu

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