Gulab Kheer Recipe

Kheer is cooked variously and is loved by all age groups equally. Our today’s kheer which is going to be shared with you is gulab kheer. The soothing perfume of rose makes this kheer fantastic and the rose color obviously looks great when served. Make your celebrations special with this very special gulab kheer.

Gulab Kheer Recipe

Gulab Kheer Recipe Ingredients

  • Milk … 2 Kg
  • Boiled Rice … 1/4 Cup
  • Whole Dried Milk … 100 gm
  • Sugar … 250 gm
  • Rose Petals … 10 – 15
  • Rose Water … 1-2 Tbsp
  • Almonds, Pistachio, Coconut … 1/4 Cup

Gulab Kheer Recipe Cooking Steps

Step 1:

Take a wok and place on flame after pouring milk into it.

Step 2:

When the milk is reduced to half, add rice into it and pound with the scoop.

Step 3:

When the dessert gets thick, add rose petals, whole dried milk and sugar and stir continuously.

Step 4:

Switch the flame off after adding rose water into the kheer.

Step 5:

Shift the kheer into some clay pot; decorate with rose petals and serve.

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