Crunch Kulfi Recipe

Visiting an ice cream parlor is surely a great fun, but what if you bring an ice cream parlor at home? Of-course it is possible because the recipe which i am going to share with you is definitely going to make you have great fun just as you do at an ice cream parlor. So, our surprise recipe of the day is crunch kulfi recipe shared in both English and Urdu recipe.Crunch Kulfi Recipe

Crunch Kulfi Recipe Ingredients

  • Milk … 1 kg
  • Sugar … ½ Cup
  • Fresh Cream … 1 Cup
  • Whole Dried Milk … 3 Tbsp
  • Corn Flour … 2 Tbsp
  • Green Cardamom Powder … ½ Tsp
  • Sugar … 6 Ounce
  • Almond … 2 Ounce

Crunch Kulfi Recipe Cooking Steps

Step 1:

First of all make crunch with sugar, almonds and a little water.

Step 2:

Cook milk at low flame until reduces to half.

Step 3:

Add corn flour and whole dried milk into the milk and cook until thick; remove from hearth.

Step 4:

When the mixture cools down, add cardamom powder and fresh cream; mix well.

Step 5:

Shift the mixture into ice cream machine and let it set.

Step 6:

Mix crunch into the kulfi mixture and freeze for 10-12 hours in an air tight container.

Step 7:

Yummy crunch kulfi is ready.

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